Green Garden Houses (SPEC)


Live Greener. Live Better. Discover the joy of Eco-Friendly.

Picture yourself sitting on this porch. Looking out over the garden that surrounds your dream home. As you watch your children’s laughter fill the yard, you discover that your energy bill this month is only $17... Hello, Solar Panels. It’s right there on your porch (made solely out of Hemp by the way), that you feel a sense of pride and joy. You found the perfect place to raise your children. A place where they can learn and grow. All the while doing your part in making our world more sustainable. Life is good...

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Project background

Green Garden Houses has created a new project that offers eco-friendly housing, utilities and neighborhood programs at prices that are equal to, or less than, other neighborhoods. This magazine ad helps the sales teams of Green Garden to get more leads for prospective purchases.