If you came all the way here, then let me be so rude to tell you a bit about myself.

So here are some quick facts:

See, I like to do many things.

But most of all I like to play around with words (hence this website). This led to me getting my bachelors in journalism...

Which then allowed me to work as an editor in sports for many years.

But then life happened...

And as I told you before: I like to do many things.

So I packed my bags. Moved to France. Studied Culinary Arts in a little castle on a hill (Facts - Google: ENSP Yssingeux) and went on to become a Pastry Chef.

This then had me traveling the world... and whip up chocolate mousses while serving Agar Agar gels on fancy plates in Paris, San-Sebastian, Melbourne and Amsterdam.

But then life happened again. And Covid. Especially Covid.

And so me, my chefs' whites and a backpack full of chocolate donuts embarked on the journey back home.


Yes. Sorry.

You're right.

So before we get side-tracked here... I'm gonna wrap this up.

However, if you wanna know how and why I ended up being a copywriter...

And want to see how I can help you and your business grow...

Just send me a message through the button below.

If you're fast enough I'll even throw in the recipe of my lemon-meringue pie.

Named by pastry-giant Yves Thuries as 'Not bad at all.'

- Steffan